Week of Oct. 11th

Here is a look into what we will be doing this week. I have attached the spelling words for this week. Please help your child study these words each night. There will be a test on Friday. In Science, we finished our lesson on transferring energy by making S’more Bakers. Watch for pictures and videos.… Continue reading Week of Oct. 11th

Week of 9/27/21

Good afternoon 4th grade families, Here are this week’s spelling words. We will have a test on Friday. modern soldier roadway poster toaster product almost unload This week, in science we are learning about energy and motion. They are making their own Rube Goldberg Machine to show how energy transfers. Watch for pictures 😊 This… Continue reading Week of 9/27/21

Week of August 23, 2021

Vocabulary Word of the Week: Hirsute= hairy, furry Week 2 Spelling Word-( Challenging Plurals) There will be a test on Friday -pianos, videos, tomatoes, algae, vertebrae, formulas, indexes, octopuses Grammar: Common/Proper Nouns, Subject/Predicate in sentences, Double consonant words There will be a Grammar test on Friday. Students will bring home their grammar packets on Thursday… Continue reading Week of August 23, 2021