Week in a Glance: 2/14/22

Thank you to all the parents that reached out to me through class dojo. Below is our schedule for the week for their subjects as well as their Hw and spelling words. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions.

Reading Workshop: This week we will be working on Genre & Theme and understanding the difference between Fiction & realistic fiction Texts. The readings in the week will be Westlandia & The Circuit, which we will compare and contrast both texts and have a formative assessment on Friday. HW on Monday is pg. 155 on their reading textbook, a Quizziz on Google Classroom on Tuesday, Pg. 361 on Wednesday, and study for their vocabulary test on Friday for Thursday. No HW on Friday!

Writing Workshop: This week will be a focus on Opinion Writing and this block of Writing Workshop will take 14 days to complete. Hopefully we will be able to hold a Writer’s Party at the end (Stay Tuned). For this week we will focus on our Hooks, graphic Organizers, and complete our rough drafts.

Science: We will be finishing up our study of Weathering & Erosion! Wednesday we will be having an open book Test. They will be given the full hour to use their textbooks. Then the remainder of the week we will dive into the subject of Matter.

Social Studies: This week we are learning about the Spanish-American War & Immigration in Florida. We will take Wednesday & Thursday to review in class for their End of Chapter Review Test & Assessment!

Math: We will be continuing to work with Whole number multi step word problems which will be on the FSA State Exam. On Wednesday we will hold a Topic 6 test. Thursday and Friday we will begin to dive into working with Factors. Hw will be pg. 87 & 88 on Monday, pg. 79 & 81 Tuesday, pg. 83 Wednesday, pg. 89-90 Thursday, and pg. 91-92 Friday. All their HW is in their “Additional Practice” math book.

Vocabulary Words for the Week:









I hope everyone has a wonderful week, GO PANTHERS!

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