Week in a Glance: 10/25/21

Week in a Glance:  10/25/21


Spelling:  Here are this week’s spelling words.  Since we do not have school on Friday, our test will be on Thursday.  Please review these words with your child.

Grammar:  We are working on possessive plurals and identifying when to use an ‘s or s’ to show ownership.  There will be a grammar test on Thursday as well.

Science:  Last week, we didn’t get a chance to do our battery experiment.  Hopefully we can do it tomorrow.  We finished our chapter on Energy and Motion.  Looking at the test scores, we still needed to work on a few things.  But with some re-teaching, I allowed students to make corrections and I think we have a better understanding.  We will start a new chapter next week.   

Social Studies: We learned some interesting facts about the Seminoles of Florida from our text and a video.  Ask your child what they remember. 

Math:  We are at the end of Chapter 3.  We learned various strategies on multiplying multi-digit numbers by one digit.  Some students are eager to use the traditional way of multiplying.  This is a good strategy to check they work.  It is still a requirement for them to learn the other strategies as well. 

Writing:  We are learning how to write an informational piece.  We will discuss a topic and organize your thought before we start to write, next week.

Reading:  We read an informational text about feathers and learned they are not just for flying.  Students were surprised by all the different ways birds use their feathers.  Also, students are continuing to read their various chapter book that I assigned to them in the classroom.  Hopefully this sparks their interest to read different types of books.

Be safe

Mrs. Welter