Week of August 23, 2021

Vocabulary Word of the Week: Hirsute= hairy, furry

Week 2 Spelling Word-( Challenging Plurals) There will be a test on Friday

-pianos, videos, tomatoes, algae, vertebrae, formulas, indexes, octopuses

Grammar: Common/Proper Nouns, Subject/Predicate in sentences, Double consonant words

There will be a Grammar test on Friday.

Students will bring home their grammar packets on Thursday to study

Math- Topic 1: Place Value We will finish Topic 1 this week and have a test on place value at the end of the week.

Writing– Students learned about personal narratives and how adding descriptive details enhances their writing. We listened to mentor texts to get ideas on how to write a personal narrative. Students started writing their rough drafts of a personal narrative about an event from their life.

Reading- Unit 1- Week 2 Biography: Students read a biography. We discussed the important details to determine the main idea. Students are working on building stamina during independent reading to practice comprehension.

Social Studies- This week we discussed Florida land, water, and regions.

Science– This week we discussed the properties of matter and how particles move in matter.