Last Vocabulary

Vocabulary:  Marred: damaged; made ugly; marked.  disposable: single-use; designed to be thrown away.  Crude oil: unrefined liquid petroleum. Toxic: Poisonous.  Phenomenon: something that can be studied or observed; event.  Initiative: an act, process, or program that starts something.   Spelling: Sub parts  sub-, inter-, fore- submarine  submerge  international  forehead  interfere  subfreezing interception forearm  suburb  interpreter forecast… Continue reading Last Vocabulary

May 10th

Parents and students, we are approaching the end of the year but it is not over yet. Remember we still have testing and activities everyday. Tuesday and Wednesday : Online FSA Reading Test Face-to-face IReady Diagnostic Reading Thursday and Friday: Face-to-face IReady Diagnostic Math Online FSA Math Test

Week of April 12th

Panthers remember!! The 2020-2021 Yearbook is now available for preorder – 20$ All you have to do is call the front office and make your purchase I Ready Diagnostics are coming up (end of this week or next one) All math homework will be done on Khan Academy – videos and assignments FSA Reading and… Continue reading Week of April 12th

Week of April 5th

ELA- FSA Writing on the 8th – Thursday !!!!! Writing reviews and FSA Practice Math: Add and subtract fractions with like denominators Science: Life Cycles of Plants and Animals Social Studies: World War I and the 1920s

Week of March 29th

This week students will be reviewing and practicing essay writing in order to get ready for their FSA next week. Students will respond to informative/explanatory prompts and Opinion/ argumentative prompts. Math : Finishing Chapter 8 ( Test on Wednesday) and starting chapter 9 – Model Addition and Subtraction of Fraction Science : Topic 6 Plants… Continue reading Week of March 29th

Week of March 22nd

Vocabulary:  Emissions: Substances released; anything given off by something else Excessive: a lot, or more than necessary  Underlie: form the foundation of  Watt: unit of measurement of electrical power  Innovative: creative; Using new ideas or methods Spelling:  Syllable VCCCV Pattern:  3 Consonants in a row complex apply fortress  complaint extra sculpture  function  emphasize  instant  hindrance … Continue reading Week of March 22nd

Week of February 22nd

ELA – Unit 5 Week 1 Academic Vocabulary:  amazed  border consequences  label  preserve  Vocabulary:  Mantle: the layer of Earth between the crust and the core Circulates: moves through a system  Adopted: started to use a selected idea or method Abundant: plentiful; commonly occurring Molten: melted; hot enough to be liquid form Teach Latin Roots: gener-… Continue reading Week of February 22nd

Week of Feb 16th

Monday – President’s Day ELA: Student will be working on writing and practice for FSA Reading and writing Parts of speech will be reviewed Math: Finish Topic 6 and Test on Friday Science: Patterns of Earth’s Features  Social Studies: Black History Month Activity and Lesson No New Vocabulary or Spelling This Week!!