Week of Jan 18

Monday – NO SCHOOL – Martin Luther King Jr. Day Language Arts- Unit 4 Week 2 / Tall Tales – Thunder Rose by Jerdine Nolen Grammar – Synonyms and Antonyms Math- Topic 5 – Use Partial Quotients to Divide and Use Sharing to Divide Science – Chapter 1 Lesson 2  Patterns of Stars in the… Continue reading Week of Jan 18

Week of January 11th

Language Arts: Unit 4 Week 1 – Traditional Literature Grammar: Greek and Latin Word Parts – Pronouns Math: Topic 5- Use strategies and properties to divide by one digit Science: Chapter 1 Lesson 2 Patterns of Stars in the Sky Social Studies: Civil War and Reconstruction Project: This week we will be working on a time capsule,… Continue reading Week of January 11th

Week of Dec 7th

This week we will be working on ELA: Unit 3 Week 3 – Autobiography Vocabulary: Inspiration Create Heritage Festival Performance Spelling: Pollute Erode Pollution Erosion Revolve Revolution Generate Generator Decorate Decoration Confuse Confusion Erode Erosion Conclude Conclusion Timetable Castle Adorable Stifle Stable Vehicle Math – Topic 4 test this Friday Science – 5.4 Environmental Impacts… Continue reading Week of Dec 7th

Oct 26th, 2020

Today’s homework: 1. 2 Sentences per Vocabulary Word 2. Pg. 31 on Additional Math Practice Book (1-5) 3. 5 times each (spelling) Vocabulary for the week: 1. Rapids: very fast-moving parts of a river2. Shimmering: shinning with a soft, flickering light3. Desire: a powerful wish or longing for something4. Shallow: not very deep5. Deserted: left… Continue reading Oct 26th, 2020

Oct. 19th 2020

Today’s homework: MyView Book Pg. 297 Pgs. 27-28 on Additional Math Practice Book Vocabulary for the week:Mimicry: Looking or acting like something elseSpecies: Categories of living things​Environment: all the living things conditions of a place.Arranged​: Organized​Habitat: The place where a living thing lives or growsAdapted: Changed to fit requirementsToxin: A type of poisonIndigenous: Having started… Continue reading Oct. 19th 2020

October 13th, 2020 Homework

1. Spelling (5 times each)2. Vocabulary Sentences (2 per word)3. Math book Pg. 34 Review What You Know4. Additional Practice math book pgs. 11-12 Spelling: 1. Services2. Primaries3. Consumers4. Holidays5. Lenses6. Sandwiches7. Monkey8. Berries9. Counties10. Taxes11. Hoaxes12. Classes13. Gases14. Viruses​15. Speeches16. Skies17. Activities18. Colonies19. Galaxies20. Victories Vocabulary: 1. Prey: an animal hunted by others for… Continue reading October 13th, 2020 Homework