Week of March 22nd


Emissions: Substances released; anything given off by something else

Excessive: a lot, or more than necessary 

Underlie: form the foundation of 

Watt: unit of measurement of electrical power 

Innovative: creative; Using new ideas or methods


Syllable VCCCV Pattern: 

3 Consonants in a row

  1. complex
  2. apply
  3. fortress 
  4. complaint
  5. extra
  6. sculpture 
  7. function 
  8. emphasize 
  9. instant 
  10. hindrance 
  11. arctic 
  12. technical 
  13. conflict 
  14. puncture 
  15. partner 
  16. juncture 
  17. substance 
  18. congress
  19. extreme 
  20. simply 

Shared Reading:

The Top 10 Ways you can Reduce Waste by Nick Winnick p.505-525

Writing :

Using an outline created by the teacher, students will be able to write an essay on their own by using guides and templates. 

Prompt: Vertebrates are animals that have backbone. Mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds and fish are all vertebrates. Write an essay describing one of these groups. Your explanation must be based on ideas and information that can be found in the passages. 

Math: Chapter 8 Lessons 4-7 Equivalent Fractions and Comparing

Math test on topic 8 next week


Introduction to 

Human Uses of Energy

Natural Resources and Energy, renewable and non renewable resources