Oct. 19th 2020

Today’s homework:

MyView Book Pg. 297

Pgs. 27-28 on Additional Math Practice Book

Vocabulary for the week:
Mimicry: Looking or acting like something else
Species: Categories of living things
​Environment: all the living things conditions of a place.
Arranged​: Organized
​Habitat: The place where a living thing lives or grows
Adapted: Changed to fit requirements
Toxin: A type of poison
Indigenous: Having started in and coming naturally from a certain place
Poisons: Things that cause pain or death.
Defenses: Things a living thing has or does that help keep it safe.

1. Coward
2. Boundary
3. Foundation
4. Announce
5. Boycott
6. Voyage
7. Exploit
8. Poison
9. Toil
10. Decoy
11. Scrounge
12. Moist
13. Choice
14. Boil
15. Ouch
16. Scout
17. Allow
18. Sour
19. Browser
20. Outline